childrens book illustrator
childrens book illustrator

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After graduating from art school in 1986, Jim began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator for an ad agency in Philadelphia.

Illustration has always been his passion and in 1998 he opened Groggy Dog Studios. After sending out a promo piece, he landed an editorial illustration for the Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition. Groggy Dog Studios was up and running. “As a kid,” Jim said, “I was always reprimanded for daydreaming and now I'm getting paid for it!”

In 2000, he left Philadelphia and moved to Orlando, Florida. While looking for a full-time job, he took the time to develop his technique and experiment with a mixed media of watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, and brushed ink. This allowed for a fresh look and he began
doing work for magazines such as chickaDEE and Muse.

After nine years of working as an art director by day and illustrator
by night, he decided to make illustration a full-time gig in 2007.
“My neighbors are convinced I’m hiding under the Federal Witness Protection Program.”

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